Next Tax Season – How to Keep Your Files Organized

Get organised for the next tax season

No one looks forward to the tax season, and it can be especially difficult for small businesses. In order to make the filing of your income tax return as painless as possible, it helps to simplify the process. One of the best ways to make tax filing easier is to keep all of your company’s records organized throughout the year.

Why Does It Matter?

tax seasonIn order to complete your tax return properly and maximize your deductions, it is important for you to document your income and expenses throughout the year. Without this documentation, not only will you lack the information you need to file, but you won’t be able to substantiate your claims in the event of an audit. Keeping this documentation organized and in a safe location will ensure that you have everything you need to file accurate taxes and minimize what you owe. When tax time arrives, Jerome & Co. can review this documentation and use it to complete your return quickly and accurately.

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