Payroll Solutions at Your Fingertips!

Many of our clients have decided to make their lives less stressful by outsourcing one of their most aggravating administrative chores – payroll preparation. PayTrak Payroll Services offers small business clients:

Personalized Service – each client is assigned a dedicated customer service representative.

Flexibility – PayTrak has a number of options on how your payroll information is both received & delivered.

Direct Deposit or Cheque – employees can be paid by cheque or their pay can be deposited directly into their bank accounts.

Concise Reports – eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

TaxTrak – PayTrak electronically files payroll remittances on your behalf.

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Payroll Assistance Online!

We have a number of features on our website that help you stay abreast of payroll related issues. Our News section contains information on minimum wage changes, statutory holiday regulations, CRA & provincial updates and other items that impact payroll. In our Resource Centre, we have downloadable forms and worksheets, links to important resources and FAQ’s.

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