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Update from the 2016 Federal Budget

On Tuesday March 22, 2016 the Liberal Government announced their federal budget 2016. There are changes for individuals and businesses that you should be aware of. We have included for your information a  commentary on the budget and how it… {Read more}

Do you own foreign property?

Do you own foreign property that needs to be reported to the Canada Revenue Agency? If so, you may be able to take advantage of a new simplified reporting method Did you know? Taxpayers who own specified foreign property costing… {Read more}

Working Income Tax Benefit

2015 Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) The working income tax benefit (WITB) is a federal refundable tax credit which has been available since 2007, for low-income individuals or families with working income over $3,000 (base amount for most provinces and… {Read more}

2016 Personal Tax Credit Tables

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Non-Refundable Personal Tax Credit Tables 2016 Personal Tax Credit Tables Do you know your personal tax credit tables?  A non-refundable tax credit can only be used to reduce federal or provincial/territorial taxes payable to zero.  They… {Read more}