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Stop International Tax Evasion Program

The 2013 Federal Budget introduced the concept that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will pay financial rewards to individuals who provide information on major international tax evasion. CRA could pay up to 15% of federal tax collected if the reassessments are… {Read more}

Free Small Business Software

Balancing the books isn’t always easy.  Business owners understand the importance of keeping records up-to-date. Unfortunately, paperwork has a habit of piling up – quickly PADGETT BUSINESS SERVICES now offers a solution PADGETT CONNECT PADGETT CONNECT is an easy-to-use business… {Read more}

Becoming a Multipreneur

Having a small business as your main source of income can often create financial challenges. If you own a seasonal business, for example, you may be trying to generate a year’s income in a short amount of time. If you… {Read more}