Author: karen

Are You Self Employed?

Did you know? As a self-employed individual, you and your spouse or common-law partner have until midnight on Monday, June 16, 2014, because June 15, 2014 falls on a Sunday, to file your 2013 income tax and benefit return. But… {Read more}

Should You Incorporate Your Business

Should You Incorporate Your Business?   If you own a business you may have wondered:Historically the income tax system in Canada has benefited incorporated Canadian small businesses.Although the income and deduction calculations are almost identical to an unincorporated business, the… {Read more}

Disability Income Insurance

CRA recently noted that where a proprietor purchased a Disability Income Policy, the premium is a non-deductible personal expense. But the receipt of the disability benefits is tax-free. If a corporation acquires a Policy for the employees, the premiums are… {Read more}

Director & Personal Liability

In a recent Tax Alert titled “Abuse of Source Deductions and GST/HST Amounts Held in Trust” CRA warned that businesses must hold source deductions and GST/HST amounts in trust for the government. Penalties and interest and possibly personal liability for… {Read more}