Author: Liz O'Dowd

Wills and the Executor

Wills and the Executor A will specifies your instructions as to how your assets will be distributed on your death. In the will, you name an executor to act as your personal representative and to deal with all the tax,… {Read more}

Teaching students about taxes!

Who is teaching students about taxes! ? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has two free educator-led products for teachers to teach students about the importance of taxes and the impact taxes have on the economic and social well-being of Canadians…. {Read more}

SALT – Self-Assessment Learning Tool

SALT can help you figure out if you can claim R&D tax incentives The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) SALT – Self-Assessment and Learning Tool is designed to help you understand the eligibility requirements of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)… {Read more}

Loans for Your Children

Loans to Adult Children Parents quite often make loans to their adult children to help them purchase a car, a home, or for other reasons. A loan is different from a gift. The parent can charge interest so that the… {Read more}

International Tax Evasion

Stop International Tax Evasion Program To combat unreported foreign income, the Federal Government introduced the concept that Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will pay financial rewards to individuals who provide information on major international tax evasion. CRA could pay up to… {Read more}