CRA’s New Online Services

You can start using these new and enhanced online services:

  • “View a return” – “View return status” has been renamed “View a return”. In addition to the return status, this service now allows you to view the line-by-line details of previously assessed GST/HST returns.
  • “File a PSB rebate” – All Public Service Bodies’ (PSB) rebate claims can now be submitted electronically. PSB rebate claims that are filed with a GST/HST return can continue to be filed using the “File a return” service. For accounts that do not file GST/HST returns, PSB rebate claims can be filed using the new “File a PSB rebate” service.
  • “Adjust a PSB rebate” – Requests to adjust a previously assessed PSB rebate claim can also be adjusted electronically using the new “Adjust a PSB rebate” service.
  • “Make online requests” – Inhibit the issuance of the envelope that accompanies GST/HST tax return(s) by selecting the “Change mailing instructions” option from the “Make online requests” service
  • “Installment payment calculator” – Anytime within 60 days of the current period end, you can calculate installment payments for the next filing period using the “Installment Payment Calculator” service.

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