We’ll prepare your 2011 T4’s for free!

Let’s face it, payroll can be a hassle. It becomes even more of a hassle when you need to prepare the T4’s for your business. Many of our clients decided to make their lives less stressful by out- sourcing their payroll preparation to PayTrak Payroll Services. Now there is even more incentive for you to consider using our services too.

For any new client, who engages our service and has a payroll started before December 15th, we are offering to prepare your 2011 T4’s for free!

PayTrak offers a complete payroll service that is easy to use, flexible and gives you the option of paying your employees by cheque or direct deposit. And a Customer Service Representative is assigned to your account so you always deal with the same person.

For more information, contact your Padgett Ottawa office, call us at 613-599-4224 or visit us at www.smallbizottawa.ca

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