Cutting-Edge Equipment For Ontario Colleges


Students at Ontario colleges are using the latest technology and equipment to train for tomorrow’s high skill jobs thanks to the McGuinty government.   The province is investing in upgrading learning resources at its 24 colleges. This ensures students will graduate with the up-to-date skills employers are looking for.

Premier Dalton McGuinty toured the state-of-the art music production lab at Algonquin College today. Students in the Music Industry Arts program have the chance to work with high-tech recording equipment because of equipment enhancements at the college.

Ontario is investing a total of $4.2 million for improvements at Algonquin College including upgrading computers for the Animation, Game Development and Journalism labs and acquiring a computer-controlled patient — Sim Man — for the school’s enhanced health care programs.

Investing in postsecondary education is a key part of the five-year Open Ontario Plan to build a skilled and educated workforce. This will give Ontario a competitive edge in the job market and create a strong economy.


  • Ontario’s 24 colleges will receive $10 million this year to update resources and equipment as part of the three-year $60-million investment from the College Equipment Renewal Fund (CERF).
  • Ontario is providing Algonquin College with $698,400 this year through CERF — for a total investment of $4.2 million over three years.
  • The government’s Open Ontario Plan will raise the number of Ontarians with a postsecondary education and training credential to 70 per cent.

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